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Becoming A Better Writer

One of the (many) frustrations that comes with your standard nine-to-five job (read: a writer in a non-writer nine-to-five job) is the lack of opportunity to create upon feeling inspired.  I’m often struck with a thought, motivation, inspiration of any kind, and because I’m at work, I can’t just fire up my word processor and … Continue reading

Top 20 Albums of 2010

Nearly two months after the voting booths have closed, two months of meticulous deliberation, (and presumably, two months after any of the following is at all relevant or of any interest to my readers), it is finally finished. This list was kind of difficult to make, and the rankings of certain albums on this certainly … Continue reading

Look alive sunshine…

One oh nine in the sky and the pigs won’t quit? You’re here with me, Dr. Death Defying. I’ll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter, Pumping out the slaught-o-matic sounds to keep you alive. A system failure for the masses, antimatter for the master plan. Louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny, This … Continue reading

Flowing Juices

I couldn’t get a wink of sleep, so I got out of bed early, started a pot of coffee and took a shower.  I was struck with something I wanted to write about while I was sipping my first cup of coffee on the balcony, and decided to compose this post as sort of a … Continue reading

You just keep on trying ’til you run out of cake…

Hello, everyone. I’d like to begin by apologizing for my recent silence.  My schedule’s been kind of hectic recently, what with all the slaying of dragons and rescuing of maidens that I do on what most might consider a bizarrely regular basis. But now that I’m back from my campaign in the wilderness, I have … Continue reading

Developer Communication Vs Abandonware

So, I started writing for Mac.AppStorm.net, and I just had an article that was published the other day. Here’s an excerpt–check out the link at the end to read the full article. ———————————————————————————————— Third party blogs provide a valuable way to find out about new software and, in the same way, a developer’s own blog is … Continue reading

I’m sorry, is that ART on top of your beverage?

People might tell you that I’m a generally good-spirited person, friendly to all and generous with the “benefit of the doubt.”  Those people would be wrong.  Nay, delusional.  For I have a deep rooted loathing for most of humanity in fact. Allow me to clarify.  I’m not a social pessimist, or anything.  I genuinely believe … Continue reading

You can’t buy crates like this anymore.

So yesterday was a real productive day.  I woke up and started writing, and I hit my goal by 1:30, so I decided to take the rest of the day off. I’m leaving later this week to become a nomad.  To freelance write from anywhere with wifi, to couch surf for a while.  As such, … Continue reading

Excuses, excuses.

I hate getting to this point.  Where I’ve got so much going on that I’m always making excuses for why I’m not paying more attention to this blog.  However, as I’ve mentioned, I am working on a post bigger than any I’ve written before, so bear with me.  I intend to keep dropping things to … Continue reading

Enter Graphic Design.

I promise I’ve got a real post coming, but it’s going to be epic so it’s taking some time. In the meantime, I’ve begun tooling around with Adobe Illustrator.  My brother is a graphic designer [http://colorphiledesign.com/], and I’ve been interested in picking up the trade, to some extent.  So I decided to share with you … Continue reading

Chirp Chirp

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