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So if you don’t know, Spotify is this great music streaming service from the brilliant people over on the other side of the ocean.  It works like iTunes, allows you to keep playlists, listen to music in offline mode, and browse a massive library in the cloud, all for free, or a small monthly fee (depending on the extras you want).

The problem with Spotify is that it’s too awesome for the feeble minds of America’s business legion to comprehend.  The pigheaded, bastard record executives of the RIAA see this as giving the masses access to music that doesn’t result in huge payments to the executives (gasp!).

The creators have been trying to get Spotify available in America for a long time, and it seems like they’re (finally) making some headway.  They’re trying to obtain licenses and the proverbial “O.K.” from record labels across the country.

A construct like this is exactly the kind of service we need to boost the take off of Music 2.0.  Unless they change their practices, current record executives are going to run the music industry into the ground, and the people who pick it up and run with it will be the people with vision.  The people with ideas.  The people who created Spotify.



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