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My thoughts on the BP thing

I realize that people are talking about the BP oil leak all over the place.  However, I’m sitting in my living room watching the House hearing in which the panel interrogated BP CEO Tony Hayward like a fucking war criminal.

DISCLAIMER:  This is strictly a post about my immediate rage toward this situation.  I’m not attempting to portray any facts in this post, nor did I do any research.

I won’t say very much about the leak itself, and I won’t really share my own personal opinion about where blame belongs.  The only thing to know is that the leak is an incredibly unfortunate situation and that it does need to be rectified.

My current rage comes from watching the coverage of this House hearing, an event to which anyone can tune in and observe seemingly normal adults behave like small children.  Panelists are roasting Tony Hayward as if they were personally wronged by him.  Despite Hayward’s constant responses of “I wasn’t part of the decision making process”, no one seems to understand that they’re interrogating the wrong guy.  He’s the CEO, not a project supervisor.

Consider this analogy.  Ray Kroc, if you don’t know is the man who founded the popular American fast food chain McDonalds.  Imagine if a group of people hunted down Ray Kroc and demanded to know what bypassed safety precautions or protocols led to the fire that burned down the McDonalds on Third St. in Gary, Indiana.  But Ray Kroc doesn’t have a fucking clue.  Ray Kroc has never been to Gary, Indiana, and was probably unaware that there was even a McDonalds on Third St. in Gary, Indiana.

Now I’m not saying that Tony Hayward is a saint, either.  Or that he shouldn’t be manning up and taking responsibility for something that was probably an oversight by someone in his company.  The point is is that EVERYONE is behaving immaturely, and should probably stop.

The ultimate thing to remember is that while these panelists and angry people and BP executives sit in this court room, there’s something very important that’s not getting done…


What do you think?



One thought on “My thoughts on the BP thing

  1. I agree with what you are saying. But, I am more enraged with the socalled BP boycott. reasons are as follows:
    1. Say BP loses all of its operating costs due to a boycott, it cannot pay employees to rectify said situation.
    2. Most stations are independently owned and only make money off of the sale of gasoline. the stations themselves make something like five to ten cents per gallon sold. you are still hurting the owner and his employees. but hey thats what welfare is for amirite?
    3. BP makes more money off of its refineries than on the sale of gas to the individual. do you want to hurt their profits? THEN QUIT BUYING GAS. end of story many companies sell products to one another due to supply and demand. to stop this boycott petroleum as a whole. no motor oil, no diesel, no wd-40, NO PLASTIC. NOTHING. Have fun with that. I feel these are points that need to be slapped in to some peoples heads because dealing with a major corporation is not as simple boycotting their stations that distribute to the individual.

    Posted by Blazor | June 21, 2010, 1:21 pm

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